– Indian Epidemic

It kills me a little inside, attending protests in Bangalore only to find a very thin crowd waving banners, shouting slogans and seeking answers. But then again, for most of us 1-2 protests every 6 months is all we have time for.

Uber Unsafe

Until I began using Uber I relied on a service called Fasttrack and in the many years I used their service not once did I ever have an issue with any of the drivers. With Uber however, the story has been a fair bit different.

Kanheri Caves

6th May, 2015 | Kanheri Caves | Sanjay Gandhi National Park | Borivali, Mumbai

Highway Music

From Pune to Bangalore… The NH7 Weekender of 2013.   “Oh NH7! it’s just the best.” “The Pune one is even better, it’s the ‘original’.” Well, ‘original’ I just had to see what you had hidden up your sleeve. And, so I did. Booked myself a two city pass, hopped on a flight (because it…

Techno Took Over

November 2013: Adam Beyer and Josh Wink in Bangalore! Whodathunkit?    

When We Were Young

The Killers and Of Monsters And Men play at the Nasimi beach season opening party at the Atlantis, Dubai in October 2013. If 13 years ago, you told me I’d get to watch one of my favourite bands (The Killers) performing live, I’d have laughed and told you, you were insane…. and then it happened!…

Musically Hard-Wired

Music has seen me through highs and lows, it gave me room for expression, whether it was when I began playing the euphonium or dabbled in playing the piano or even if I was just sitting around listening to my truck load of mix tapes, music has always, will always, be my refuge. This is…

To Old Friends

Over ten years ago in a class filled with noisy teenagers an unlikely friendship was formed. So different and yet so similar … it’s probably why we remained friends through the years… From purple hair to riding bikes into trees, from delivering Fibi’s puppies to sneaking out of the house at odd hours of the…